The perfect pieces. The perfect fit. The perfect process.

What Do We Do?

We help clients have clothes that they enjoy wearing, that fit them well, all without the traditional hassle of shopping.


"The stylists at Liam John are professional, personable, and will go to great lengths to not only produce the finest clothes out there, but to also make you feel like you were meant to wear them."

Joe Shenkar

If you want the ultimate experience with unbelievable professionalism this is the place for you. Whether it’s casual wear or business dress you can’t go wrong here!

Brent Hillabrand

You never leave unsatisfied or unhappy with anything they do. Things are always timely and beyond the quality promised. All needs and wants are remembered and noted for the next seamless visit.

Bobby Raines

I thought I had pretty good style before I started working with Liam John. Turns out I had no idea. They have taken my clothes to a whole different level, both at work and just around town. The best decision I made was to trust them completely to just pick things for me. Individual pieces I would have probably never chosen on my own, were put together in a way that blew my mind.

Jonathan Waller

Shopping at Liam John is an absolutely professional experience. They have helped me enormously by putting me in the right clothes for business and social situations. It's been a huge confidence booster. My stylist is a smart guy who is always working to make the customer experience better.

Walker McKay

I went into Liam John a little hesitant. I’ve been wanting to make some wardrobe changes for a while now but kept pushing it off. I finally made time to go in and let them take care of me. Their team couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable. They’re super professional, and now I have some great threads that I’m confident and comfortable in.

Jason Brunson

Liam John USA

353 N. Shelmore Blvd.
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464