Royal Label Fabric

Royal Label Fabric

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Have a garment made exclusively for your from our very own curated selection of fabrics. All fabrics are from Italy, England or Scotland.


Regardless of which quality of make you choose we guarantee an impeccable fit with meticulous attention to detail.


Tier 1-This is our introductory custom level. Each pattern is specifically built for you with fully customizable options. 

Tier 2-This is the level right below a handmade garment. This is a canvas construction made with the finest of materials from fabric to findings (the stuff you can't see but can feel).

Bespoke-This is a handmade garment made out of Italy just for you. By hand. There is nothing finer. Only the best materials are used and each garment is cut and sewn by hand to give you the perfect tailored look with the give of a hand stitch where it matters most. This is for the most discerning clientele.