Graduation Package

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Someone dear to you just graduate? Give them the gift of their first professional wardrobe!

Instead of letting them go out and buy just a bunch of body covering, why don't you let one of our stylists guide them thru their first major clothing purchase! Our stylists will guide your loved one thru our unique process to understand their exact needs and make recommendations that will lay the foundation of a wardrobe that they can build on as they grow in their newfound career.

In addition to our consultative process, we are offering this particular package at a much discounted rate to make sure that your graduate gets the pieces that they need that will last them and not be "throw away" clothing a year from now after heavy wear.

Worried that they may change shape after they get into the workplace? We take care of any alterations that need to be made to accommodate for body changes at no charge for the life of the garments! 

While this graduation package is a one time thing, our stylists take pride in our process and go into every relationship with the hopes of being "their tailor" not only for now but as your graduate progresses thru their career.

As for the garments themselves, there are over ten styles to choose from which are constructed from the finest of year round weight wools that are durable enough yet drape in such a way that others may think that they were custom made for your special someone. In this particular package we can make a customized recommendation consisting of suits or a jacket & pant combo depending on the specific needs and work environment that your graduate is going into.

After you purchase this package, one of our elite stylists will reach out to you to get the specific contact information of your loved one in order to reach out to them personally to schedule their consultation and fitting. 

Specific Package Details

  • Three jacket and pant combinations (matching coat and pant for suits OR blazer and pant combo)
  • In person consultation thru our Unique Liam John Style Assessment
  • FREE alterations for the life of the garment
  • The beginning of a relationship for your graduate and their tailor