Liam John Stylist

 Liam John is looking for a new team member located in the Charleston, South Carolina area in the stylist capacity. We are looking for someone who is passionate about helping predominantly men look their best in their clothes, in addition to growing a business that they consider their own.


We are fully dedicated to creating a culture and level of excellence so we are only interested in potential team members who share our passion for being great. We thoroughly enjoy our business and have built a reputation in the marketplace for going above and beyond for each one of our clients. In addition, we are in the process of pioneering new markets for Liam John so there is an essential need to bring on individuals who are driven to grow a business. We feel like this is a very exciting opportunity for individuals who are “cut from the same cloth” as our company:

  • Driven
  • Self starters
  • Impeccable integrity
  • Passionate about helping others
  • Team oriented


Liam John is a sister company of Granger Owings, based out of Columbia, South Carolina. We offer the most prestigious lines in the high end men’s clothing industry, including our own manufacturing company. We have been in the clothing business for over 50 years and have the tools necessary to grow a very solid styling business centered around customer service in addition to incredible products.

We offer our stylists an internal support team, all of the product lines needed to build a clothing business (as well as casual) and a training system that has produced solid $500,000 producers with some producers consistently producing over $1 million in sales a year.

This position also allows for a tremendous amount of flexibility in hours, days and locations worked with enough structure to help the team stay cohesive and achieve our goals.


This is a commissioned sales position in a 1099 capacity. Each month there will be a “draw” issued to go against an agreed upon commission rate. The reason that we have our stylists work in a 1099 capacity is so that they can take advantage of tax laws as they grow their business and teams (if so desired). However, we view each individual as part of the team and are extremely selective on who we bring on board. That said, we do a lot of team building to make sure that the culture we create as a company and that the experience we ultimately deliver to our clients is exciting and enjoyable!